With freedom, joy and courage!

iCourage is: minimalist design with timeless appeal.
Freedom is: about embracing simplicity and offering diversity.
Joy means: the passion for genuine German craftsmanship.
Courage. Freedom. Joy Simply: interlübke


For us, freedom is the ability to provide you with the maximum of individuality and flexibility for the design of your furniture. We are very proud of the unique way we allow you to make our products truly your own. We approach furniture the same way a tailor fashions a suit, ensuring that our pieces are in perfect harmony with your home, lifestyle, ideas and preferences. No pitch or window frame should ever come between you and your new favourite piece of furniture.

Every sideboard, shelving system and wardrobe created at interlübke is proof that it is possible to create a universal classic that is also perfectly accommo- dated to the individual. Colours, cable apertures, dimensions and fittings are all customised in the finest level of detail, yet still fully compliant with the most stringent industrial standards in terms of precision and workmanship.

The creation of unique classics, that is freedom.


Why do we put so much attention to the design, development and creation of our furniture? And that, of course still made in Germany. Why do we focus on providing functional and aesthetic values that transcend decades, instead of just making a quick sale?

The answer to these and similar questions is surprisingly simple: pleasure and joy. The pleasure in handcraft, the joy of tackling complex challenges, the pleasure in demonstrating our competencies over and over again and the joy to create something we can be proud of. But, most of all, the pleasure to see the joy that our customers experience with their furniture.


It takes courage to create minimalistic designs without compromise. That is how classics are born. interlübke has now been courageous for 80 years and we are carrying this proud past into the future.

We do what we do best: we find our own way, decisive and without compromise. This means the commitment to the best available materials, workmanship and design. This means trust in the courage of our customers and partners. That is how our furniture stands the test of time and leaves a lasting impression.

You will see, courage pays off: in freedom, in joy and hence in future.

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